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Awwdoptable is truly a community organization, with deep roots in Dallas’ diverse Oak Cliff neighborhoods. Lee Jamison, Awwdoptable’s founder and third-generation native of “the O.C.,” grew up feeding and medicating stray cats that prowled the alleys, and persuading neighbors and friends to adopt kittens that she fostered and socialized. As word spread about the neighborhood “cat lady,” Lee found herself responding to increasingly urgent pleas for assistance from concerned neighbors. They alerted her to injured and starving street animals, pets languishing in rural shelters, cats abandoned in parking lots, and dogs chained on freezing porches. She often opened her door to find a Good Samaritan cradling an abandoned newborn kitten or puppy. 


To meet the overwhelming need, Lee recruited allies to help, heal, and re-home deserving cats and dogs. This team of fosters, adoption support volunteers, and caring friends became the Texas non-profit agency Awwdoptable in 2016. As a recognized non-profit agency, Awwdoptable can collaborate with other non-profits, municipal shelters, veterinarians, corporate partners, and funders to support the mission and expand its positive impact.


Today, Awwdoptable’s reach extends far beyond Oak Cliff.  The agency is a recognized transfer partner for Dallas Animal Services, as well as small municipal shelters outside the Metroplex. Awwdoptable relies on a robust Metroplex network of support: 40 foster caregivers and three low-cost veterinary resources, as well as hundreds of donors who contribute cash donations and in-kind supplies. PetSmart Charities hosts Awwdoptable’s Cat Awwdoption space in its Richardson store. Moreover, Awwdoptable’s founder is a recognized community resource for education, mentorship, and advocacy. Last year, Awwdoptable rescued, rehabbed, and found loving homes for more than 300 pets.

Awwdoptable is a registered 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit agency.

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