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Here You Are

I don’t know how you escaped your “crate rest.”

I don't know how you found my bed, but here you are!

I don't even know how you are alive. You were on "the list" last week.

When my friend Stephanie Macias found you and brought you to the shelter, you were in really bad shape. Like... really bad. But now you are on me, purring and making biscuits, because I decided you matter. So, you’ve been neutered. You let me bathe you! You no longer smell like stinky boy cat pee + rotten death! Your broken jaw is trying to heal, and the antibiotics have addressed the bone infection. Today, you remembered how to eat, all by yourself! Your wounds are flat and scabbed. Your shaved injuries have fuzzy little furs coming back, so cute.

Very soon, we’ll find you a home... easy, since you love everyone. But for now, this is pretty great, just listening to the wind and your purring, knowing you aren’t supposed to be here. But here you are.

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