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Gimme Shelter

I see posts like this 20 times a day. My question is WHY?!

WHY would you "hate" to take a found pet to the shelter? The animal shelter is the ONE place that all pet owners know to look for their lost pets. And by the way, it's the law.

What’s the alternative? - Post on social media like this? It’s a privileged mindset to assume owners are digital savvy, with access to the kind of phone needed to be on social media, and to assume they’d search your favorite pages. Even if the owners are on social media, would they even see this post in their feed? That’s a whole lot of coincidences that have to line up!

- Bring the animal to a vet to scan for a microchip? If you bring a stray pet to a vet to have it scanned, guess what? The vet calls the shelter to come pick it up. Because it’s the law.

Meanwhile, the shelter has staff whose literal job it is to reunite pets with owners. And the owner is maybe already there, ugly crying. I know I was when someone found my cat but did not bring him to the shelter! (Long story, but I finally got him back.)

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