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Today, Flip learned about getting brushed! It was the first day he wasn’t scared of objects in my hand coming toward him so I could actually try it and he looooved it!

He purred and purred and the two times I stopped brushing him and went back to cleaning, he waddled into the bathroom to make his funny Beaker beeps at me to lead me back into the bedroom, then hopped up on the bed for more brushing.

Actually, today was all around really great for Flip: Robin Arryn (who was always kinda cranky to him) was away on a home trial, so there was wet food all for him! and snuggles in bed when I should have been doing other things, but I’m so glad I let us have that time.

Flip went into shock for no apparent reason tonight around 9 and it really freaked him out. By 10, it was clear he needed to be helped over the bridge. Out of nowhere, he was jaundiced and his stomach was full of fluid, among other symptoms, that made it clear this wasn’t something his bony body could overcome.

I’m happy we had these 6 months with this weird little dude. I’ll miss him in bed tonight.

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